Brussels, 13 & 14 November 2018

2018 Antimony Day
Brussels, 13 & 14 November 2018

We were so thrilled about the success of our 2017 Antimony Day,
that we decided to take our product stewardship initiative a step further,
and embark into a 
privileged journey
with one of our key value chain segments:
flame retardants!

In a society facing an increasing use of combustible materials, coupled with a growing demographic concentration, increasing the time available for escape (the length of time between the fire starting and it making the means of escape unsafe) becomes an unquestionable must!

Unquestionable??? Not for everyone…  Indeed, many fire safety solutions involve the use of chemicals which may express adverse health or environmental effects.  Some question the need for fire safety overall, or specific chemical fire safety solutions, in light of this risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals…  The use of antimony and brominated flame retardant solutions are at the heart of this societal questioning.

At the 2018 Antimony Day, i2a and the International Bromine Council invite you to learn about the technical fire safety performance needs, the flame retardancy function delivered by antimony and brominated flame retardants, and how this should trade off with the health and environmental concerns attributed to these chemical solutions. 

Can the use of flame retardants be sustainable?
Join us to build a value-chain coordinated answer to this question!

Reasons to attend

  • Obtain first-hand information from recognized experts on antimony based-flame retardant solutions and regulatory trends influencing their use 
  • Understand fire safety performance standards, and the technical function of flame-retardancy aimed to meet these strictest requirements
  • Network with key actors of the flame retardant value chain using antimony and find out about how they balance fire safety needs and chemical risks 
  • Learn about best practices to manage exposure and emission concerns related to flame retardants
  • Meet i2a and the International Bromine Council representatives and Members and learn about their priority goals, work program, and added-value to stakeholders


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