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About us

Antimony (Sb) is a metalloid or semi-metal predominantly sourced from China, which finds its way into a multitude of applications including the lead (Pb) sector, the formulation of flame-retardant solutions, and the catalysis of PET resin.  Without Antimony, many cost-efficient and key societal applications would simply not be possible!  Find out more here.

The International Antimony Association or i2a is the Brussels-based organization representing the producers, importers and users of multiple Antimony substances. i2a’s aim is the sustainable and responsible production, use and recycling of Antimony.

i2a - Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

Vision: a sustainable and responsible Antimony industry, where Antimony substances continue to be the material of choice for many technology-enabling applications.

Mission/Mandate: to ensure the safe use & responsible management of Antimony substances throughout their lifecycle. An action best described as product stewardship. i2a’s role and mandate is to inspire this product stewardship throughout the Antimony value chain, from classification to sustainability profiling.

Strategic objectives:

  • Address knowledge gaps weakening the safe use and positive image of Antimony substances
  • Ensure that the most up to date evidence is used in any regulatory scrutiny of Antimony substances
  • Determine the most relevant, proportionate, and efficient risk management measures applicable to each use of Antimony substances
  • Support the Antimony industry in implementing responsible product stewardship practices

EHS Data Hub

i2a’s collection of data and information is used by its Members to comply with the applicable environmental, health and safety legislation in both the EU (e.g. EU-REACH) and other jurisdictions, as well as to plan and implement proactive improvements in the production, handling,usage and supply of all Antimony substances.

Non-Members have the opportunity to reference and/or use the information generated and compiled by i2a, by purchasing a Letter of Access, a Licence to Use, and/or a copy of the eSDS, where applicable.  More information is available here.

i2a network

i2a is a Member of Eurometaux, the North American Metals Council, the International Council on Mining and Metals and the Critical Raw Materials Alliance.  Beyond its direct membership, i2a also actively supports the Cross-industry Initiative on Better Regulation and holds regularly exchanges and works with various stakeholders or partners of the Antimony value chain. These include approximately 25 organizations from the flame retardants, plastics, lead, lead batteries, textiles, glass, ceramics, pigments, fireworks, ammunition, and other specialty chemical sectors.  Members may find answers to a multitude of questions through i2a’s network! Take a look here.

Antimony is a very brittle, bluish-white metal with a distinct crystalline texture. Image: Umicore


i2a represents producers, importers and distributors of 10 antimony compounds:

  1. Antimony Metal
  2. Diantimony Trioxide
  3. Diantimony Trisulfide
  4. Diantimony Tris(ethylene glycolate)
  5. Antimony Trichloride
  6. Diantimony Pentoxide
  7. Sodium Antimonate (A)
  8. Antimony Pentachloride
  9. Sodium Hexahydroxoantimonate
  10. Potassium Hexahydroxoantimonate