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Advantages of i2a membership 

Producers, importers and users of antimony substances are welcome to join i2a. 

There are two membership categories:

  • Full Membership (FM)
  • Associate Membership (AM)

Producers and importers of antimony substances are eligible for full membership whereas other types of entities, including users, are eligible for associate membership. Membership is open to companies and associations of companies.

Type of membership/Benefit
Free participation in i2a events
Free participation in the i2a EHS Group
Free participation in the i2a Communication Group
Access to the network of regional and international associations with EHS expertise
Access to the regulatory data sheet summarizing all EHS requirements applicable worldwide
Helpdesk-type support from the i2a Secretariat for international EHS regulatory questions and submissions
The right to use a robust and harmonized hazard, exposure and risk assessment dataset for EU-REACH and similar schemes worldwide, free of charge
Access to English template for eSDS and platform to share translation costs
Voting rights and direct influence in i2a’s decisions, activities and deliverables
The right to sponsor specific i2a research or communication projects (in addition to the annual membership fee)
The riight to represent i2a and use i2a content at dedicated events
The right to use the i2a label in all of the company’s communication material

Membership application 

If your company (or association) is interested in becoming a member of i2a, please complete the:

and return these documents to Nathalie(at)

The full membership fee consists of two components:

  • the REACH cost
  • the membership fee

When joining i2a, if you have EU-REACH Registration obligations, you will be obliged to make a one-off REACH-share cost payment as well as the yearly membership fee. If you don’t have EU-REACH Registration obligations, you only need to pay the yearly membership fee.

The REACH cost is calculated on the basis of the tonnage band your company is registering for under EU-REACH.

Membership fees are calculated on the basis of i2a’s operational budget and the annual tonnage of Antimony compounds your company produces or imports globally (with tonnage band-specific weights).

i2a is a not for profit association and works on the basis of the budget made available by its Members’ annual contributions.

The Associate Membership fee is a fixed access fee non-dependent on tonnage.

I2a Members

i2a membership