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i2a’s information is used by its Members to comply with the applicable environmental, health and safety legislation in the EU (e.g. EU-REACH) or other jurisdictions, as well as to anticipate and implement proactive improvements in the way in which they produce, handle/use and supply Antimony substances.

Product stewardship requires the generation and sharing of information concerning the environmental and health safety, and societal benefits, of Antimony and Antimony compounds.  The most recent, relevant and robust source of information is compiled in the EU-REACH Dossiers for these substances, and the related extended Safety Data Sheets including all applicable exposure scenarios (eSDS). 

By promoting the reference to, and use of, its information, i2a’s aim is to streamline the information over time, increase the regulatory coherence across legislations and jurisdictions, and inform the safety of Antimony processes and products.

Data-Sharing Conditions

Non-Members have the possibility to refer to, or use, the information generated and compiled by i2a, by purchasing a Letter of Access (LoA), a Licence to Use (LtU), and/or a copy of the eSDS, as applicable. 

An LoA is proposed to legal entities needing to register under EU-REACH and to refer to the joint Dossier submitted by the Lead Registrant (without accessing/using the information), whereas an LtU is proposed to those entities needing to utilize the information for e.g. registrations under the Korean, Turkish or (future?) UK REACH schemes. 

LoA fees are available below.  These are revised as new information needs to be generated, assessed, reported or refined under EU-REACH or any of the other regulatory processes scrutinizing Antimony substances. 

In the event of registrations for tonnages above 2000 t/a, please contact i2a for more information and options.

Tonnage Band
LoA Fee (€)
<10 t/a
10-100 t/a
100-1000 t/a
1000-2000 t/a

The standard LoA Agreement is available here.  LtU Agreements would be prepared to specifically meet the needs of the data purchaser and would contain most of the general terms and conditions laid down in the LoA Agreement.

English and translated versions of eSDS are available on request at a cost of 1500,00 € + VAT for the English version, and 500 € for every translation available to i2a.

Contact us if you wish to purchase the most recent and reliable eSDS for any of our Sb substances

Contact the i2a Secretariat to find out more