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Technical Workshop

Technical Workshop


WEBINAR - 26 March 2020 - 1pm/3pm

Welcome to the third edition of i2a’s technical workshop!

Due to the coronavirus epidemic and the related travel restrictions, i2a will hold its workshop as an online condensed webinar instead!

This recorded webinar will aim to review the outcomes of the first year of our Workplace Exposure Monitoring Campaign and more particularly:

  • Update producers and users about the regulatory need for and importance of measured exposure data;
  • Learn from the participation of the PET sector, who organized its participation in the monitoring campaign as a collective exercise;
  • Share experience about the sampling, analytical, assessment and reporting methods used by the participants;
  • Identify adjustments to be made to the monitoring method (and its related documentation) to make it more accessible and/or able to anticipate future regulatory questions; and
  • Invite existing and tempted participants to join forces for a second year of workplace exposure monitoring.

The webinar is open to both current and interested participants in the monitoring campaign.

Since the release of new toxicological evidence showing some evidence of cancer in rats and clear evidence of cancer in mice exposed to Antimony trioxide (NTP, 2017), Antimony substances have been subject to an increased regulatory attention in Asia, the US and the EU.  

Exposure data is essential to achieve the selection of proportionate and efficient risk management measures, such as workplace limits or product restrictions.  Exposure data is also critical to avoid default and burdensome measures such as Authorisation or bans. 

i2a has initially devised a 2-year Workplace Exposure Monitoring Campaign aimed to generate and gather data on the quantity of Sb present in inhalable (< 100 µm) and respirable (< 4 µm) workplace aerosols present at sites producing or using one or more of the ten Sb substances in scope. 

This data will be used to mitigate undesirable regulatory developments, and will also be critical for individual companies to demonstrate their compliance with existing, recent, and anticipated stricter workplace exposure levels (TLV/OELs).  

German producers and users of Sb substances in particular, are invited to participate in the Campaign, as they are expected to demonstrate or work towards compliance with the recently decided OEL of 0.006 mg respirable Sb/m³ without delay. 

Register ASAP, and join us online on 26 March 2020 between 1 and 3 pm CET.


The Webinar Agenda will be uploaded very soon, and will cover the experience of the first year (2019) of the monitoring campaign, and the action plan for its second year (2020)!

Connecting details:

Weblink will be communicated in due course to all registered participants.

Participation fee

i2a Member or Company having provided its exposure data to IOM by February 29 – Free participation

Non-i2a Member and not having provided exposure data to IOM by February 29 – 150€ (+VAT 21%) per person (includes copy of webinar recordings)

Cancellation of registration
Cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

Transfer of registration
All registrations are transferable.
Transfers should be made in writing by the registered person to All other registration details will be assigned to the new person unless otherwise specified