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2022 Antimony Day

Brussels, Belgium - 29 September 2022

Welcome to the 4th edition of i2a’s Sb Day!

This years’ event will contextualize the topics we’ve addressed in the three first editions of i2a Day in the broader context of ‘Sustainability’.

A true sustainability assessment entails a review of the life cycle of our material, from sourcing to recycling, and including safety.

Join us in Brussels on 29 September to debate three pressing topics:

  • ‘responsible sourcing’ of Antimony in Asia and beyond
  • the promising development of recycling processes for Sb containing plastic and metal streams
  • our industry’s challenge to demonstrate Antimony’s overall safety

As in previous years, we’ll have speakers representing the full 360°: EU and national authorities, industry, market surveillance, journalists and  academia.

i2a is convinced that Sb is both a cost-efficient and safe solution for a large range of essential applications.

Does it belong in a safe world? Join us to fuel a constructive and evidence-based debate!

We’ve got seven reasons why you should attend i2a Day 2022:

  1. Unrivalled networking – Meet the Sb Value Chain and the community of proud Sb Product Stewards
  2. Informative case studies – See how Sb Product Stewards under i2a are taking a responsible front-runner position
  3. EU policy update – Learn about the European Commission EU Green Deal and the EU’s energy and digital transition dependent on materials such as Sb
  4. Update: Mining – Pick-up the latest news about Sb mining practice (improvement) opportunities
  5. Update: Recycling – Get up to date regarding most recent recycling technology developments involving Sb
  6. Safety and Sb – Brainstorm about the proof of evidence required to demonstrate ‘safety’ of Sb
  7. Regulatory focus – Anticipate and help influence the regulatory changes, and understand how you can become a Sb Product Steward.

Participation fee

i2a member – Free participation

Non-Member – 449€ (+VAT 21%) per person

This includes attendance on both days as outlined below:

Evening social event (28 September)     
All sessions, documentation, welcome coffee, morning coffee break, lunch, and afternoon coffee break (29 September)

Registration Deadline: 07 September 2022

Cancellation of registration
Cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

Transfer of registration
All registrations are transferable.
Transfers should be made in writing by the registered person to All other registration details will be assigned to the new person unless otherwise specified

2020 Antimony Day

Confirmed speakers (update 20 July ²2022)

Raymond Devaux AMG ANTIMONY
Hans Vercammen CAMPINE
Giuseppe G. Daquino European Defence Agency (EDA)
Violaine Verougstraete EUROMETAUX
Lein Tange ICL
Jo Van Caneghem KU LEUVEN
Louis Maréchal OECD
Philippe Van Maele UMICORE


The day will start with a framing roundtable addressing Sustainability definitions and expectations, with guests from Industry, Media and the EU Commission.

The first session of the day will aim to explore the various sources of Sb in Asia and beyond and EU’s facilitation actions for critical raw materials, and address the main obstacles to sourcing antimony.

This will be followed by the second session which will present the state of the art recycling techniques to recover Sb from various secondary sources and opportunities these unveil.

Before closing, the third session will discuss how the regulatory requirements around antimony’s chemical safety can work (or not) with broader sustainability goals.