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2024 Antimony Day


Welcome to the 5th edition of i2a’s Sb Day.

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Potential: Dive into Three Powerhouse Sessions!

Join us on an exciting journey through the heart of industry transformation as we unveil three dynamic sessions designed to ignite your imagination and shape the future of raw materials and strategic autonomy.

SESSION 1: Navigating the Next EU Political Term: Expectations for Critical Raw Material Regulation
Embark on a voyage into the political landscape, where we decode the mysteries of the EU’s next political term and its implications for critical raw materials regulation. Brace yourself for insights that will redefine the rules of engagement and set the stage for innovation and progress.

SESSION 2: Antimony’s Green Deal Odyssey: Pioneering Sustainability in Action
Witness the power of antimony as we explore its pivotal role in delivering the Green Deal. From sustainability initiatives to eco-friendly practices, discover how antimony is spearheading a revolution in environmental stewardship, shaping a greener, more sustainable future for all.

SESSION 3: Antimony: Fueling Strategic Autonomy in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape
Prepare to learn what you did not know about the essence of antimony’s contribution to strategic autonomy. From defense to industry, we will uncover the strategic significance of this remarkable element and its unwavering commitment to shaping a greener, sustainable and safer future.

Attending an event covering these topics provides stakeholders with a nuanced understanding of antimony’s role in the upcoming political cycle, its alignment with the Green Deal, opportunities in key sectors, technological advancements, and insights for strategic planning and risk management. 

Join us in a constructive and evidence-based debate! 

Participation fee

i2a member – Free participation

Non-Member – 549€ (+VAT 21%) per person

This includes attendance on both days as outlined below:

Evening social event (28 May 2024)     
All sessions, documentation, welcome coffee, morning coffee break, lunch, and afternoon coffee break (29 May 2024)


Cancellation of registration
Cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

Transfer of registration
All registrations are transferable.
Transfers should be made in writing by the registered person to All other registration details will be assigned to the new person unless otherwise specified

Confirmed speakers

Name Company
Raymond Devaux AMG ANTIMONY
Hans Vercammen CAMPINE N.V.
Lein Tange ICL
Peter Tom Jones KU LEUVEN


In 2024, the European Union faces a pivotal year with geopolitical uncertainties and a crucial European Parliament election in June, shaping the political trajectory until 2029. The new Parliament’s composition will influence key initiatives like the Green Deal and EU strategic autonomy, crucial components of the current European Commission program. Amidst the EU’s emphasis on the 2050 net-zero goal and reducing strategic dependencies, antimony emerges as increasingly critical. This remarkable element, with its dual metal-nonmetal nature, historical significance, and versatile applications in flame retardants, batteries, and semiconductors, becomes fundamental to European and global industries.

Antimony’s importance extends beyond ensuring product safety and decarbonization; it plays a central role in the defense industry, contributing to armor-piercing bullets, night vision goggles, infrared sensors, and various technologies. Its application in solar panels, semiconductors, and the recycling process within the EU highlights its multi-faceted significance. As science and technology progress, antimony’s unique properties continue to drive innovations, positioning it at the core of the EU’s industrial strategy and sustainability efforts, aligning with the goal of strategic autonomy in the region.