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2017 Antimony Day!

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We hope to see many of you again at our next
Antimony Day on 14 November 2018!

Antimony is under regulatory scrutiny again! And not just in the EU…

This event is a call for miners, producers, traders and users of Antimony worldwide to respond with one voice to the authorities’ proposal to classify various Antimony substances. The reclassification may lead to a significant increase in regulatory requirements, as well as restrictions and bans on the continued use of Antimony substances. Join us and get up to speed on the imminent in-depth evaluation and possible reclassification processes.

The day will bring experts from the authorities, regulators and industry to share information about how Antimony substances are used in practice, their perceived safety, possible health effects, and appropriate risk management measures.

Let’s find a common approach to close the knowledge gaps, reduce the uncertainty and the need for over-precautionary measures, and meet the regulatory requirements while safeguarding our value chain!

2017 Antimony Day
Brussels, 29th of November 2017

Defining and building together
the resilience of the Sb value chain

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