Brussels, 29th of November 2017
i2a is very pleased to welcome you to its 2017 Antimony Day!

The aim of our global event is to bring all actors of the antimony value chain together to exchange about legislative matters which affect the mining, production, uses, recycling, and regulation of antimony substances. 

The assessment of effects, exposure and risk evidence, and the trends in products which need antimony substances to exist and function, will be key in
defining the resilience of the antimony sector against future environmental, health and safety requirements.

The 2017 Antimony Day
The place to be on 29 November 2017

With this event, we hope to tell you more about i2a, promote an enhanced dialogue and collaboration among key actors of the value chain, offer a valuable networking opportunity for all, and gather support for i2a to ensure a long-term prosperity of a sustainable global antimony industry.


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