Brussels, 21 February 2019
Technical kick-off workshop
Antimony Workplace Personal Exposure Monitoring Campaign
21 February 2019

BluePoint Brussels - 80 Bd. A. Reyers - 1030 Brussels - Belgium T +32 (0)2 706 88 00

Demonstrating that safe use of Antimony substances is possible
needs your workplace personal exposure data.

Join our two-year dedicated Campaign starting on 21 February 2019!

Our second Workplace Exposure Technical Workshop will aim to launch our Workplace Exposure Monitoring Campaign and more particularly:

- Give hands-on information and training on the sampling, analytical, assessment and reporting methods, as well as related documents and templates; and
- Formalize the collaboration of i2a with selected volunteer producers and users of Sb substances having decided to participate in the Campaign.
Since the release of new toxicological evidence showing some evidence of cancer in rats and clear evidence of cancer in mice exposed to Antimony trioxide (NTP, 2017), Antimony substances have been subject to an increased regulatory attention in Asia, the US and the EU.  

Exposure data is essential to achieve the selection of proportionate and efficient risk management measures resulting from this increased scrutiny.

i2a has devised a 2-year Workplace Exposure Monitoring Campaign aimed to generate and gather data on the quantity of Sb present in inhalable (< 100 µm) and respirable (< 4 µm) workplace aerosols present at sites producing or using one or more of the ten Sb substances in scope.

This data will be used to mitigate undesirable regulatory developments, and will also be critical for individual companies to demonstrate their compliance with existing, recent, and anticipated stricter workplace exposure levels (TLV/OELs).  

German producers and users of Sb substances in particular, are invited to participate in the Campaign, as they are expected to demonstrate or work towards compliance with the recently decided OEL of 0.006 mg respirable Sb/m³ without delay.

More information can be found in our dedicated ‘flyer’, available here.

Register ASAP, and see you in Brussels on 21 February 2019!

Join i2a’s Workplace Exposure Monitoring Campaign starting in 2019 
and be a reliable Antimony Product Steward!

Remember, places are limited!
Registrations will be taken on a first come, first served basis


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