World antimony resources have been estimated at 5 million tons in 2011 by Bio Intelligence Service (2015).  According to USGS, world antimony reserves amounts 2 million tons, of which 80% is concentrated in three countries: China, Russia and Bolivia (USGS, 2016).
The annual world mine production of antimony is about 175,500 tons (BGS, 2015), most of which is extracted from China.  Antimony is furthermore a co- or by-product of the production of gold, lead, copper and zinc.  

Figure 1: Global consumption/end uses of Sb (Roskill, 2014)

Figure 1 provides an overview of the main uses of antimony.  In all applications, only relatively small quantities of antimony are needed to achieve the required function.  But even in such small quantities, antimony enables the availability and performance of significant quantities of articles which are indispensable to society:

  • Flame retardant textiles and plastics (43 million tons in 2015 (PlasticsEurope, 2016) which help saving lives of millions of people
  • PET resin to produce PET bottles and many more light and recyclable food packaging materials helping to retain the original properties of what they contain (27.8 million tons in 2015 (PlasticsInsights, 2016)
  • Polyester textile used in many fashion, domestic, automotive, IT hardware, and industrial applications 
  • Lead-based batteries (demand of 478 million KVAh in 2014 (PR Newswire, 2016)) which remain the most cost-efficient rechargeable batteries
  • Lead-based alloys, which enable cost-efficient solutions for building construction, ammunitions, weights, solders, pewters, fusible alloys, and radiation shields
  • High purity and transmission flat glass (global photovoltaic glass consumption attained 580 million m² in 2015 (Globe Newswire, 2017)) which promote increased sustainability in energy production and consumption solutions
… to name only a few.

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