Antwerp 01 October 2019


21st century shows an amazing speed of development in technology, information, communication, migration and human health. People are concerned whether the Earth will be able to absorb all this to remain a safe and comfortable place for everyone.

For some, the answer to this uncertainty can be found in opportunities in space. Others may think that the solution is in drastic barriers to control it.

More down to earth spirits will possibly recognize the strength of circular economy, in which the value of each resource is reusable. Together with pragmatic regulations this can result in a sustainable, safe and fair society.

Whatever solution one opts for, there has to be a common sense and understanding on how to implement it. Industry should take its responsibility for this. 

The/this  Argus conference on antimony, a winsome metal used in a variety of applications contributing to (fire)safety, energy storage, decoration, and distribution,  (will be held) here in Singapore on February 28 and March 1.  A number of qualified speakers from industries and institutions will enlighten you on global flows and uses, recyclability and regulations on safety and environment.  

During the conference there are  moments of discussion and reflection to investigate how product stewardship can contribute to the use of antimony as a valuable an innovative additive in the upcoming circular economy.

A discussion on the regulatory take away from to I2A antimony day on European Environment, health and Safety regulations in November 2017

A panel discussion on Fire safety and  latest development of Flame retardant norms in Asia

A closing discussion  addressing the uncertainties of the antimony market and the impact of product stewardship on this.
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