Exposure scenarios

An exposure scenario is the set of conditions, including operational conditions and risk management measures, that describe how the substance is manufactured or used during its life-cycle, and how the manufacturer or importer controls, or recommends downstream users to control, exposures of humans and the environment. These exposure scenarios may cover one specific process or use or several processes or uses as appropriate.  They are attached to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of every substance and provide safe use instructions from suppliers to users of antimony substances.
If a given use of a Substance is not (properly) covered in the extended SDS (eSDS) of that Substance, the user is unable to ensure that the proper operational conditions and risk management measures are in place to prevent, minimize or control potential emissions and exposure, and thereby protect both the environment and human health.

What if your use is not covered in the ES?

Users have the obligation to ensure that their uses are included in the exposure scenario section of the Registration dossier and the eSDS of the Substance. They can facilitate this by making sufficient information on the use and the conditions of use (including exposure and monitoring data) available to their suppliers, who can then either provide the information to the actual registrants (upstream in the supply chain) and assess and report on the applicable measures for thatuse.
An alternative is for the users to submit their own chemical safety report (CSR), including the appropriate exposure scenarios and risk management measures, to ECHA, within 12 months after receiving the substance and eSDS with a REACH registration number. If the CSR is not submitted to ECHA within  this tight deadline, the substance can no longer be used for the unreported use.

i2a strongly encourages users of antimony substances to carefully check the eSDS they receive from their suppliers. 
This basic list of identified uses may indicate to what extent various uses are currently covered by the REACH Dossiers prepared for antimony substances under the auspices of i2a. 

If you think that your use is not covered, please contact i2a via e-mail at Reach@antimony.be

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