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Producers, importers and users of antimony substances are welcome to join i2a. 

There are two membership categories:
  • Full Member
  • Associate Member
Producers and importers of antimony substances are eligible for full membership whereas other types of entities, including users, are eligible for associate membership.
If your company is interested in becoming a member of i2a, please fill out the:
and return these documents to nathalie(at)

The membership fee consists of two components :

  • the REACH cost
  • the membership fee
If you have EU-REACH Registration obligations, you need to pay a single REACH-share cost, plus the yearly membership fee.  If you don’t have EU-REACH Registration obligations, you only need to pay the yearly membership fee, which is based on the global tonnage.  Fees are calculated on the basis of i2a’s operational budget and  the annual tonnage of antimony compounds your company produces or imports. 

Advantages of i2a membership 

  • Free access to multiple information, training, and networking meetings and events per year.
  • Access to an EHS Group where experts share and confront their technical expertise on EHS matters related to antimony substances, including transport classification and labelling, hazard classification and labelling, workplace exposure controls and monitoring, etc.
  • Access to a network of regional and international associations covering antimony substances EHS needs from extraction to final use.
  • Helpdesk-type support from the i2a Secretariat for all their international EHS and regulatory questions.
  • Robust and harmonized EHS dataset used for worldwide (regulatory) purposes, not just for EU-REACH (e.g. Korea REACH, Turkey REACH, and China REACH; US TSCA; etc.). 
  • English template for the extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) of antimony substances, as well as a platform to share eSDS translation costs.  
  • Voting rights and direct influence of the strategy and work done by i2a for the antimony sector and value chain (Product Stewardship).
  • i2a label to be used in all communication material, as an evidence of the company’s engagement and responsibility in EHS matters related to antimony substances.

Associate members acquire access to information on EHS regulations worldwide, reputation value (i2a label), as well as networking and visibility opportunities in the various meetings of the association.
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