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Producers, importers and users are welcome to join i2a.

If your company is interested in becoming a member of i2a, please fill out the:
and return these documents to nathalie(at)

The membership fee consists of two components :

  • the REACH cost
  • the membership fee

If you have REACH obligations, you need to pay a single REACH-share cost, plus the yearly membership fee depending on the annual tonnage of antimony compounds your company produces or imports.

If you don’t have REACH obligations, you only need to pay the yearly membership fee, which is based on the global tonnage.

Advantages of i2a membership 
  • i2a offers its members help with preparing the company specific IUCLID file (i.e. sections 1, 3 and 11) 
  • i2a offers its members an on-site visit by a member of the i2a secretariat to assist with the actual REACH registration.
  • i2a provides its members a template for the Safety Data Sheet for antimony metal, diantimony trioxide, sodium hexahydroxoantimonate, antimony trisulfide, sodium antimonate (A), diantimony tris(ethylene glycolate) and diantimony pentoxide .  
  • The i2a membership fee is based on the total worldwide tonnage of all antimony substances of all your legal entities. 
  • i2a members have voting right (influence/direct REACH dossiers and the work done by i2a). 
  • i2a acts as a helpdesk for REACH-related questions. 
  • Members get answers to all their EHS and regulatory questions, not just EU-REACH.
  • The data, owned and gathered by i2a, are used for worldwide (regulatory) purposes, not just for EU-REACH. 
  • i2a is a non-profit association. The more companies join i2a, the less each individual member pays.

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